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The lasereshop.com helpdesk receives many questions. About all sorts of things. You can not name it, and the question has been asked. And the answer given, that too. Because the use of lasers show, that's dangerous or not? Melt your hand away when you 'touch' a laser beam you to pop balloons with a DMX-controlled laser, or is it all that bad? lasereshop.com tells you like more! First, it is interesting to know that there are different types of lasers. By the term "laser" we mean a device that is equipped with a laser diode, wherein the projection of the laser beam is visible (whether or not mid-air or on a surface).You would not expect given the size, but the well-known laser pointer is one of the most dangerous laser devices in circulation. At least, when it comes to a specimen with a relatively high power and in the wrong hands. In the past, these were freely available through sites like Marketplace, or through import from abroad. Due to safety reasons it is now more difficult to get here and it's not for nothing.A Laser Pointer Green has a laser diode. The laser pointers for presentations often have a red laser diode on board, often with a maximum power of 5mW. Sufficient to designate a specific projection on a projector screen with a visible spot. But remember well, a laser diode emits a concentrated light beam with a relatively very high intensity. In a relatively weak laser diode will be quite low with this.However, many people in many ways still arrive powerful laser pointers, sometimes with a power output of 200mW green at a wavelength of 532nm. You can imagine that the intensity of such diodes is considerably higher than that of a simple red laser pointer. Sellers often advertise these types of products with very attractive terms like 'shines up to 500 meters away, "or" beam visible at night! ". And that is not surprising, because high emissions of these laser diodes has a huge intensity! Indeed, the intensity of such lasers are often showcased on channels like Youtube. Balloons allowed to renovate, matches are lit and the radius goes through plastic bags around. Very nice, but also very dangerous when used in the wrong way. If such a laser has the capacity to soured a balloon, then it also has the ability to cause eye damage when there is with this type of concentrated beams is irradiated in your face. If the diode has plenty of time to burn can result in permanent vision loss. In short, you can therefore be blind!

A laser pen repair is a tricky business because of the high degree of precision for this work applies. People with a lot of technical knowledge in the field of laser pens and a passion for repair (diode mounting example) or product (flexible show lasers for example) are welcome to contact with light and laser.nl. Are you an enterprising person who likes to tackle a hobby job, can work precisely and accurately, and you also have a further understanding of electronics? Contact light and laser light starry sky for an interview and opportunities.The idea of ​​product development is working with new diodes and shells of broken laser pointer 100mw pens whose protective sleeve for instance is still good. You can also think of developing a completely new laser show using existing laser pens with cool effects. Product development is something for you and you are good at coming up with cool and new products in collaboration with light and laser.nl? Contact us at the following email addresses for an exploratory interview.Powerful green laser pointer - laser pointer with an output of 200mW. This kwaliteitslaserpen have access to an adjustable focus and a child lock with keys. The laser pointer comes with the 18650 battery.

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laser discount offer Normal laser pen and professional laser pointers. Our modern laser can effortlessly burn dark colored materials such as paper, plastics and other dark objects. They can pop balloons, light matches, fragile materials tears as thick as 25mm. Our powerful lasers can even light a quick smoke.Blue laser pen 30000mW is the latest addition to our product portfolio. Produced for the serious hobbyist laser for laser hobbyist! Designed for style, durability, elegance, precision, ergonomics, and portability. This laser pointer is ideal to take with you if you are in the evening in the dark to go out with a group. The compact size you hardly notice that you have with the laser pointer. The power of the light will surprise you. Bright green light has a range of several hundred meters.This laser pointer has such high power that it can be dangerous when used improperly. Avoid eye contact. Due to the high wattage is this laser pen good value for professional use only. A High Powered Laser Pointer is also dangerous. If you look into it, you can severely damage the eye: the laser burns within seconds a hole in your retina, which can be partially or completely blind. The danger lies in a small corner: if you accidentally laser at a mirror, a window or other reflective material appears, you yourself already verblinden.In Netherlands is prohibited laser pointers that are more powerful than five milliwatts to sell to consumers . Nevertheless, we proved able to seamlessly purchase pins from 100 milliwatts and 200 milliwatts even in Dutch shops. Foreign webshops make it even more colorful: there you can laser pens of thousands of illegal bestellen.Die milliwatt laser pens shine hundreds of yards. This allows you to unwittingly injure people on the street, as already happened in Heerlen. laser pens also provide a lot of danger for airplanes and helicopters: the laser is so powerful that pilots blinded in the air. How it feels about a pilot, you can see here. The past two years there were hundreds of such incidents.

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Laser pens are spectacular toys, but they can also be very dangerous for your eyes. In the Netherlands the sale of hard pegs therefore prohibited. Yet it was for NIS 3 a piece of cake to get a super strong laser pointer on the doormat.We paid a few bucks for a green laser pen 200 milliwatts, the strongest we could find in Dutch web shops (with the Commercial Register). The editors we tried him out through the jet shortly to establish the ground. The light was so strong that it was very unpleasant to look at. Then complained several colleagues headache, dancing spots before the eyes and nausea.This green laser pen is one of the most powerful of its kind. Truly a great beam which it seems kilometers away. In addition, this laser pen has a starry extension piece, which it is always feast. Works on a photo battery which is included.This 'zoomable' LED laser pen 303 has a capacity of up to 1600 lumens! The LED light is powered by two rechargeable 18650 batteries. Can be purchased with or without charger. Professional and reliable LED lamp that can be used well in many situations. Various modes such as flashing and SOS.A laser pen test capability you can do the best to shine on your lips with the laser pointer. The more power the Laser Pointer Light Cigarette has the faster you feel it burn. However, you do this with a really heavy laser pen then it will all come on in a second. This is definitely not a nice feeling, so this method of testing is especially suitable for laser to 500mw. Some laser pointers (especially green) is the ability after a while completely disappeared and the rest only a small dot.The traditional laser show, which is used in the entertainment world, does not work according to the methods such as those described above. The technique for creating figures and patterns works in a very different way. A laser show does use the same kind of laser diodes as a laser pointer or laser grating. This, however, is not to project on a wheel effect, but on a set of two moving mirrors, also known as the scanset. Each mirror is mounted on the shaft of a stepper motor, which assumes a certain position. The one stepper motor allows for horizontal movement of the laser beam, the other stepping motor makes the vertical movement of the laser beam.Blue laser pointer / laser pen / New / This professional and robust laser engraving machine comes in a luxury gift box. The laser pointer is very bright and shining kilometers.