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When giving an educational or business presentation it is imperative that you give the best presentation possible and in doing so it is especially important to be able to highlight and easily draw attention to key points. High powered handheld laser pointers for sale are the cheapest and best way to do this. However, most of the time the lcd screen used to give these types of presentation as well as the room itself will be lit. When using laser pens for astronomy there is always light in the sky. Using the wrong color laser pointer the dot will be difficult for people to see what you are pointing at. Laser pens for sale which use green laser light beams are the most visible and easiest to see when pointing at a lit screen, in a lit room or for astronomy.High powered green laser pointer’s light beams and dots are many times brighter than other laser pointer 200mw and are much more soothing to the eye. This makes them much more visible. In fact, you can see the actual high intensity laser beam, not just the small dot because of the power of green laser beams. When it is important that the laser dot is visible regardless of lighting a green laser pointer is by far the best choice, and are surprisingly cheap. This is the reason why today’s astronomers, military personal, serious business professionals and educators use high powered green laser pens.

When we started a new project a few years ago here at our Labs, our mission was to produce the most reliable ultra-high power burning Lasers while keeping the cost reasonable, at a fraction of the cost of the similar laser you might have seen elsewhere. The result proves we have outdone ourselves!We are proven to have the best Quality/Price ratio in the industry. Do not confuse Cheap Laser Pointers with Inexpensive Laser Pointers. We have the best Laser Pointers in the Lineup! Garantied!Taking in consideration that the laser pointer 100mw Beam is the one that is most visible fo them all (to the Human eye), it makes an ideal tool for Astronomers and the Laser Enthusiasts and Hobbyist. They are very affordable and come with a Battery Charger and a solid Case. You will have no regret whatsoever.Its finish is of Pearl Black Aluminium, and its impressive size demands full respect. Once you hold this Technological Gem, you will immediately « Feel The Power of The Force » in your hand. No flimsy design here! At WarnLaser, Quality is something you can feel through all the products we manufacture.Mini handheld green laser pointer pens come for sale in a variety of different power watts. The class ii or 1mw green laser pointer pens and class 3A 5mw green laser pointers are the safest to use. It is actually against US regulations to use green laser pointers that have high power laser beams over 5mw in public environment. Anything more powerful than class ii 1mw or 3A 5mw is not necessary for presentations or even armature astronomy. The laser beam and dots of class ii 1mw and 5mw green laser pointers are extremely powerful and visible in dark or light condition.

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Growing up in the early 90s, laser pointers were a rare and expensive brand of cool. Before I knew about the cheap red lasers that would soon grace keychains and pockets everywhere, the industrial-strength laser pointer a family friend possessed would fill me with nerdy awe. She’d remove it from its hard plastic housing, where it rested on a throne of soft foam padding, and use it as a dog toy. Turns out, dogs go crazy for lasers.We may not chase laser pointer 300mw spots around on the carpet obsessively trying to eat them, but we love lasers too. And thanks to the Power of Science, expensive red laser pointers have been surpassed by more powerful beams of light in the past decade. Buying a laser pointer was once an easy decision, but now it requires a bit more research. Today, green lasers reign supreme. They’re far brighter than red lasers, typically operating at 532nm in the Class IIIa range. Under 5mW, these lasers can be visible for thousands of feet in optimal conditions, which makes them completely viable for shining into the starry sky and more than capable of handling classroom pointing duties. When you move beyond 4mW, these things start to get a little crazy.Usually the high power laser pointers are expensive. When we can them to be a cheap high power laser pointer, that means a high power red cost less than 100$, high power green less than 50$, blue less than 500$. Cheap high power laser pointer doesn’t mean it’s not a good high power laser pointer. BeamQ cheap high power laser pointer has red, green, blue and violet. They have good quality and a long-time guarantee. The cheap high power laser pointer is directly sold by manufacturers. And they always meet the customers’ needs and 100% customer service satisfaction.

he most powerful was about 5watts and cost several thousands of US dollars. $100 will get you a laser that just might be powerful enough to burn, certainly you could 'spot' something over a couple of hundred metres, indeed, even if you could see that far. You could also 'over-drive' it easily, but this would reduce its lifespan. there are some laws regulating what strength lasers may be used by whom and for what purposes; if the cops find a strong laser on you, you can be charged with an offensive weapon with penalties to match. btw, why green? there are many colours available - just curious! I remember as a kid my older brother getting into bother by calling the US from the UK and telling the unfortunate American he was from Oxford University and could the American see the new long-range laser that was directed at him from the UK research lab! Strangely enough the American was pleased to have been randomly picked for such an 'experiment'! (But then it was the early 1980s!)The laser pointer with a power higher than 5mW is harmful to human eyes. The Laser Pointer Light Match has a power much higher than 5mW, such as 50mW, 100mW and even 500mW. Highpower laserpointer is classified into high power red laser pointer, high power green laser pointer, high power blue laser pointer, high power violet laser pointer. Because the brightness is different . A high power red laser pointer has a power higher than 100mW, green has 50mW, blue has 100mW and violet has 200mW. The high power green laser pointer is much brighter than high power red ones.