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Then we get to the all encompassing issue of 500mw green laser

The first 3w laser pointer to hit the market were 473nm , sky blue in colour and over ?1000 and a truely stunning laser light to look at and these were only able to be manufactured as spare diodes became available from production of miltary storage storage products who were taking advantage of this shorter wavelentgh , however the military quickly moved onto even shorter wavelentghs so there no mass production of 473nm diodes , so prices of these in laser pointer or hand portable form are likely to remain high and on par with yellow lasers.A recent addition to the backyard astronomer's toolkit has been flagged as a potential weapon in the terrorist's arsenal. The humble laser pointer, used by thousands of skygazers to show beginners the way to stars and constellations, is coming under fire from U.S. federal and state authorities following thousands of incidents in which laser beams have "painted" aircraft in flight.In the most notorious case, on January 4, 2005, New Jersey stargazer David Banach was charged with interfering with the operation of a passenger aircraft and lying to federal investigators. He'd been arrested the preceding week after allegedly shining a green laser at a private jet on approach to a nearby airport and then at a police helicopter dispatched to search for the culprit.According to the criminal complaint, after first blaming his 7-year-old daughter, the suspect admitted that he had been giving her a guided tour of the night sky. He faced a possible 20-year jail term but ultimately was sentenced to two years of probation.

high power green laser started the whole pointer phenomenon, but with the emergence of better technology they’ve lost ground and now reside on the geek tech B-list. Of course, you should never point any laser at you eye, but red lasers lack the power and distance of newer models. But some red laser pointers actually make use of the diode-pumped solid state design that powers their hipper, brighter blue and green brethren. Looks like red pointers aren’t completely washed up, after all.The greater a laser pointer's output power, the more likely it will cause serious eye injuries, burn skin and temporarily impair the vision of pilots or drivers. That much is clear.But judging the safety of that laser pointer in your desk drawer or in your kid's hand isn't simple."The consumer is in a difficult position," said Daniel Hewett, health promotion officer at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Center for Devices and Radiological Health, the agency tasked with enforcing the rule for products that emit radiation.Laser pointer beam.As power increases above five milliwatts, the time margin for safe exposure decreases and permanent eye and skin damage can occur quickly. However, the output power of laser pointers is not immediately apparent to the user. Laser pointers often lack appropriate labeling or are mislabeled, and definitive testing of individual pointers is beyond the reach of the average consumer.

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A lasereshop.com exclusive product! Your choice of 18k gold or pure platinum plating gives this laser 3000mw a touch of elegance. Perfect for business or academic presentations where your appearance matters most. Makes a great gift for anybody who gives presentations or lectures!I predict that this is nothing new at all. Just more robust material in the diode. The problems with creating a lightsaber have to do with needing to have an exposed beam that goes to a certain distance and is still in parallel and contained at that distance. It's far more complicated than merely turning a beam because it must be done without a mirror. A lightsaber is like a handheld particle accelerator without anything to physically house the beam, saying nothing of the optical pumping required to amplify the beam to coherence. Then we get to the all encompassing issue of power. The massive power required to burn through a blast door and cut a hole big enough to walk through would light a small city.Most powerful laser pointer: Blue Laser, Green Laser, Red Laser. Top seller for DPSS laser, laser modules and laser diodes. All kinds of other laser products. Best lasers! 5 years warranty. Paypal accepted, get back your money easily if not satisfied. We sell lasers for 10 years.All the lasers are manufacturer directly.

And neither is price a good guide to the power output. He bought the majority of the lasers for less than AU$20. However, the most expensive at over AU$80 was a surprise. “It was the only one of the entire sample that performed as claimed and was compliant with 20mW Green laser Pointer Pen safety standards,” he says.That’s a worrying study. It seems clear that the Australian government’s attempts to prevent high-power lasers from entering the country has failed. “The results indicate that if a consumer in Australia attempted to purchase a low cost compliant laser pointer in this manner, they would most likely not get one,” says Wheatley.That’s a worry for consumers, law enforcement agencies and for any potential targets of laser pointers. “From a laser safety perspective: the one thing more hazardous than a correctly labelled high power laser pointer is a high power laser pointer labelled as safe,” says Wheatley.