Function Green Dot Laser Sight Rifle

We have been providing high quality and true 1mW - 2500mW of blue/violet, yellow, red, green Laser Pointer , besides RGB laser, stage laser lighting, and laser sight to customers worldwide. Most lasers here have been used for astronomical, medical, military, laboratory and other purposes in teaching and amusement. You could use them to play with your cat or to pop the balloons, cut the tapes, light the matches, or even light the cigarettes.All lasers are direct from professional and long-established laser manufacturers, we could integrate the most high-end laser technology and sophisticated craftsmanship to promote the laser's cost performance, and to offer the most inexpensive laser pointers to all customers who want a retail or bulk purchase(wholesale).

I have been seeking for a best Powerful Laser Pointer for months.I need the light could reach as deep as 20 meters.And it would be best if it could reach 33 meters.In another words,I wanna the laser pointer reach about 13-feet.There are many waterproof laser pointers on sale.But When I ask how deep the waterproof laser pointer could up to. Their reply let me feel disappointed. I could hardly find one deeper than 5 meters.Finally, I could find good one waterproof laser pointer which could reach 50 meters on but the output power is little low than I have expected. There are 1000mW 1W green laser pointer that is waterproof. But the service tells me honestly, this couldn’t reach that deep and suggest me to go other places.I thought this is the end. Luckily, the service is best and she had a long chat with me and promised to ask some factories whether they could supply such one I need.I thought she is just saying so. In fact, I didn’t expect too much. But after about 3 minutes,she PM me that there is one manufacturer could offer and the best waterproof green laser pointer: 300mW and deep into 300meters(115 feet).

green laser pointers are very popular with tour of astronomers and astronomy clubs becoming popular because of their support is clearly visible against the sky background, giving the position of a celestial body facilitation just described. According to the Equipment and Product Safety Act (GPSG) distributor in Germany is not entitled green laser pointer with a capacity of more than one milliwatt to individuals. An "advice on the risk assessment of lasers and LEDs," Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is clear that only those products are sold to endanger the health and safety of non-users or third parties during normal use or foreseeable misuse.Users of red laser pen Strong caution! These devices can be more dangerous than previously thought in front of the eye. For personal injury caused by improper use of the user responsible.
The 200mW green laser pointer with low price and high quality. Wide range of applications, including SOS signal, Military, adventure tours, burst balloon, lighting matches and cigarettes, or just for fun. Very bright green laser beam, long distance 5000m in a dark environment. Additionally, you can manually focus the laser pointer on / off switch.Are you ready for the ultimate experience of the light! The green laser pen 20000mw is the visible color laser, a light that 50x times the red laser pointer makes it the first choice for enthusiasts looking to experiment produced with lasers. The reason seem the green laser efficiently because the human eye is sensitive to green light is transmitting.

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Function Green Dot Laser Sight Rifle
As known, a laser, in principle, a light source that can be seen as a narrow beam of light. The light of a laser remains clustered, because a laser beam by means of mirrors and prisms is transmitted as a thin jet. In addition, the light is completely monochromatic, meaning that the light is only one color, such as, for example, a green laser beam. However, a laser diode is a semiconductor diode, which does show the effect of a laser. The diode conducts the electric current only in one direction and almost not in the other direction. The diode is therefore the electronic component that operates as an electronic valve.For the generation of the electron makes the laser diode, however, use of the typical characteristics of semiconductor materials. A laser diode is similar to a LED, only one diode laser has a resonant cavity. This thus allows for the electrons. Just as with a laser light occurs in the diode in the PN junction. This transition is the area in which n-doped semiconductor material becomes p-doped semiconductor material.