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Ideal for your meetings, walks, on climbing walls or to create a stunning light effects, green laser pointer is visible to the naked eye day and night. Cdiscount at bargain prices suggest the green laser pointer with different characteristics. The Laser Pointer cheap at Cdiscount comes in the form of a pen or a flashlight. Marketed in black or gray with the No. 1 e-commerce in France, the green laser pointer is used to show the stars, climbing walls or places determined during a hike. Some speakers also use the green laser pointer sold at Cdiscount equipped with a USB port to get the slides in a slide show. Boasting a distance of emission, the green laser pointer at Cdiscount proposed works with a power of 1 MW to 200 MW.Flashlight type of laser pointers, shaped like a normal flashlight, most use lithium batteries. With the laser pointer is different from larger and more convenient to heat and into the module, power is greater than the laser pointers, power, ranging from the tens to hundreds of mW, some even up to 1000mW (1W) or more. As part of the power of the laser flashlight more than 500mW, to industrial and laboratory grade (IV-class), so need to use extra care, it is best to wear safety glasses, but also to avoid laser direct to the skin (the laser can cause skin cancer), that's a easy Combustion products, but also to a safe place to prevent children get.

This Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer made in China, was presented as belonging to Category 2, a principle level tolerated in the European Union.Many accidents of the same type have already been registered. The United States and Britain have also banned the use of laser pointers, considered dangerous. laser pointer are classified into four categories according to their power and thus their dangerousness.Only laser class 1 and class 2 are authorized for sale to the general public within the EU. Class 1: output power can not cause eye damage. Class 2: the output power is less than 1 mW. If exposed, natural reflex to blink and turn his head enough to protect from the risk of injury. "But this type of laser may, nevertheless, cause severe damage to the retina in less than 0.25 seconds", remind doctors.

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Welcome to visit our website. This300mW Professional Green Laser Pointer Suit with 16340 Battery & Charger is just one of laser points on our website. Covered with authentic aluminum alloy, it is sturdy and durable in use. Fine craftsmanship makes it smooth to hold. This professional laser pen is easy to operate. Just gently press the switch button; you will notice a beam of strong?green light sending out from the laser pen. With such a portable tool, you can point at any object even from the far. Featuring portable and manually controlled, it enjoys a high reputation in a wide fields. Additionally, there is a 16340 battery and a charger included, which enables the laser pen reusable. How do you feel like it? Make a wise decision?at present!Lasereshop Specializing in laser pointers retail or wholesale, we have been providing green laser pointer, the Pointer red laser, blue laser pointer and Green Dot Laser Sight Rifle (of 1mw to 10000MW), while most lasers here were used to astronomy, medical, military, laboratory and other purposes, and also our high power green lasers a presentation pointer in teaching and fun, an astronomer, a money detector or a toy cat. Laser pointers that all your needs Lasereshop.com

Was installed inside a laser module to improve the radiator, the collection of design and protection of the circuit board (it is made all these improvements while taking account of the current shortcomings of the laser circuit board.This green laser pen is recommended that outside and is perfect for astronomical use, its beam is particularly visible at night. Its beam is also visible by day, as long as the brightness decreases slightly.This green laser 4000mW is an extremely powerful laser, closer to the lightsaber that the laser pen! Belonging to a class 4 laserIts chassis differs from our other models: a push button is present at the rear of the handle which allows a continuous beam without having to hold the button. The set is made of steel and exudes great strength.At this time of year-end "small gifts", the doctors of the hospital of Klagenfurt (Austria) warn against the purchase of unregistered green laser pointers pointers. These small toys sold in radius "cat toys" can damage eyesight irreversibly. The doctors come to treat a young boy of 12 who complained of having a permanent black spot before the eyes. "This young boy suffering from vision loss by 60% in both eyes as a result of a reverb effect while he amused himself to aim a mirror" said the Austrian doctors."Against these injuries that damage the deep retinal layers, there is nothing to do. They are permanently damaged" doctors insist.