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Subsequently, the reporter access to the relevant information currently in the sales cycle, and not about the possibility of selling the Laser Pen Shops , laser pointer or mandatory sales of power, but in accordance with GB7247 standard requirements of laser safety radiation protection of existing standards current GB7247 laser on the human body is divided into four risk, a standard laser, the output power is less than 0.4 milliwatts for human eyes and skin without causing damage; two standard power of the laser output of 0.4 mW to 1 mm between tiles, would lead to the situation of persons dizziness, three standards of output power of the laser between 1 to 500 mW, if the beam directly into the eyes and lesions Due to the eyes, four lasers standard for high continuous output laser with an output power greater than 500 mW, it is possible to produce a fire hazard. GB documents have suggested that the use of laser equipment Class 3A above, "should appoint a laser safety officer" and in need of an opportunity, especially for users of a Class 4 Laser provide protective clothing and goggles.There are no specific laws in Europe and the sale is free if the 20mW Green laser Pointer Pen has a lower power, or equal, to 1 milliwatt. So far this year, police and Nas have seized several thousands of these devices illegal in several Italian cities (Bari, Naples, Belluno, where they were discovered laser superpotenziati 3 milliwatts, and still Verona and province, where the Digos seized three hundred pointers, Treviso and Cesena). It was also expected that the preventive measures in the vicinity of airports are intensified by monitoring particular areas from which they were shipped alerts.These hand-operated devices are mostly used for oral presentations as optical layers, ie devices which allow to accurately indicate a point at a distance. They do not always comply with the regulations and some of them far exceeds the limit values.

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Because of the various problems caused by heat, often significantly reduced duration of the laser pointer laser crystals generally glued, use of time is not recommended more than a minute, reuse after cooling and laser flashlight isolated crystals, use of time is relatively long lots of 10 to 30 minutes, until the battery is dead! But the separation of crystal laser pointer price is very expensive, and gluing crystals heat resistance and stability and far less than the crystals were separated, and this is where the laser contradiction, while also limiting the limits of the power laser pointer ( gluing crystals generally only about 200mw green energy, of course, is very unstable because the green light, so it can reach a peak of 300 MW, 400mW is possible), and of course tested, if there is a good thermal conditions, bonding 5000mw green laser crystal can light long, it should be equipped with a cooling fan separate shell and memory optimization scientific and reasonable, these conditions in a simple torch casing impossible to achieve.

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In the evening, he comes home, the boy began to feel problems: intense burning, irritation and above all problems to focus. The race at the pediatric hospital Meyer in Florence and ophthalmological examination it unfortunately could only note irreversible damage to the right eye, where the boy lost 4 diopters. Less severe damage were detected in the left eye. The problem is that the damage is not treatable with glasses or contact lenses. In fact the laser light did not cause a defect of focus as nearsightedness or farsightedness, but damage to the cells of the retina, ie, the thin membrane that allows the focus. So, for a game not too funny, the boy has ruined the view forever. Also difficult to go back to the seller who sold the item to the boy, who obviously has not released sales receipt. The young Tuscan was also lucky: he could be completely blind. Unfortunately it is not the first case in which a minor injury attorney to himself for use unaware of the laser pointer. It's happened before, and not only in our country, so much so that, some time ago, a group of ophthalmologists Swiss, in an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, had denounced the easy Internet sales of Laser Pointer Blue 30000mw out of the rules laid down Food and Drug Administration, which can cause damage, even fatal, to the eye, especially in young people unaware of the risks in using improper.Laser pointers should be used purely with a maximum power of 1 milliwatt (mW). Laser pointers authorized not differ, in terms of external form, that is not hazardous and therefore not autorizzati.I rays from the latter can damage the eyes, or burn the skin, whether they impact directly or indirectly (p. Ex. After reflections in a mirror). To avoid such damage to health is important to note the labeling of pointers and the above recommendations FOPH.