5000mw laser pointer are the most powerful Lasers

We named this Series, Magma™. It is not a hazard. It is HOT! In fact, the Magma-808™, 3000mW and Magma-980™ 5000mw laser pointer are the most powerful Lasers we have invented. In fact, it turns out to be the most powerful Portable Lasers in the industry. At this power and Wavelength, the human eye just might see a faint red spot where the Laser is aiming. Do NOT be fooled! This dim light is actually only 7% of the « visible » portion of the infrared. At 808nm, 93% of the reflection, you can't see! Take for example a 1000mW Green Laser. The spot is so bright that you do not dare looking at it for more that 5 seconds. Now, imagine three times this power, BUT, your eye can't see it, hence, you don't realize it, and … you'll go blind in no time! …No Joke! Lasers can be a source of great fun but, if not handled properly, could be the cause of very tragic events.

1mW is not enough to do damage, its more of just an annoying distraction. Going to middle school then high school, 1997-1998 they ended up being banned because of people shining Laser Pointer into other peoples faces. Once you go beyond 5mW the blink reflex no longer offers protection.This incredibly useful tool can be used to communicate confidently with your tree care clients and staff. Helps eliminate costly errors due to mis-communication or unclear verbal instructions.

High Power Laser Pointer green 3000mw

I perminently damaged the CCD chip of a $200 digital camera with a 30mW green laser. I own a 1,100mW blue laser so powerfull, the dot on a wall is bright as the sun to a digital camera, and without eye protection, blue light is espescially dangerous at high levels because of photo chemical reactions in the eye, even just looking at the dot. 1,100mW will burn skin instantly, and even start fires, in the eye, tissue will get hot enough to boil the fluid likely as 1,100mW will boil coffee at point of beam contact. And I shined the beam on a drop of water on wood, and the drop sizzled away.This 500mw laser pointer , beautiful, atmospheric, meticulous workmanship, full of aesthetic thinking. Flashlight brightness is very high, range, stargazing is quite good, with the camera, just fill with the appropriate Speicherort.Indoor range, test 5 m Smoking not a problem, 1 m Sekunden.Größer when I dachte.Dieser Spot is a little big or small, spacing rows greater role.

For several years, small hand-held lasers have been available to the general public, incorporated into items such as pens, key rings, pocket-knives and credit cards. These small diode lasers emit red light with a power varying between one and five milliwatts. Such devices were originally intended as pointers, for use by people making presentations or giving lessons. However, being cheap and compact, they are often now used as novelties, with the result that one comes across them on the street, in discotheques and in classrooms. Powerful Laser Pointer of this kind are often labelled as class 3A, in accordance with the American ANSI classification system, when for the European market they should in fact be labelled class 3B, implying that they are capable of causing eye injuries.