Violet Laser Pointer Basic Information

Laser Pen Shops:

Violet Laser Pointer Basic Information:

Product parameters
1. Material: Copper
2. The appearance of the surface treatment: rubber paint, feel good
3. Switch mode: touch
4. Battery: 2 * AAA
5. Wavelength: 405nm
6. Power: 10mW
7. Range: 500-10000 (the higher the power, the greater the range)
8. Operating voltage: DC3V
9. The best working temperature: 0-35 degrees
10. Size: 13mm * 147mm
11. Weight: 46g (without battery)
12. Fixed focus, point-like spot continuous output.

Packing information:
1x 405nm violet laser pointer 10mW
2x AAA alkaline dry green electricity
1x outer sleeve velvet box packaging

Violet Laser Pointer 10mw

Laser Pointer Additional Information :

★Laser pointer to point at any desired targets,
★ Lecture on the evening sky,
★ Instructing pie charts in the boardroom,
★ Project screens, video monitors and inspection,
★Presentations, museum and tour guides.
★ Gallery guides, Building field, Mining field, Business person, Conference Speaker, Bars, KTV, Clubs, Concert site

<Laser Mode Comparison>

Output Power

10MW - 30MW

50MW - 80MW

100MW - 180MW

200MW - 1000MW

Visible Green Point

Green beam of light visible in the position

Beam smoke and fog visible


I broke the black and dark colored balloons


Make a hole in the black trash


Set fire to the game


It lights up a cigarette