Most laser 100mw are based on DPSS

The OPT Green Laser is new and improved

Most laser 100mw are based on DPSS (Diode Pump Solid-State) process using two lasing lines of the NdYV04 crystal (Neodymium Yttrium Vanadium Oxide) and a KTP crystal. The KTP crystal contain potassium, titanium and phosphorous. The DPSS driver’s infrared (IR) diode emits laser light at 808nm, which is fired into the rare element Neodymium. The crystal processes the 808nm infrared light and lases it at 1,064 and 1,342 nanometers, it will then fired into the NdYV04 and KTP crystals and are then summed together with a nonlinear crystal doubling the light frequency to 593.5nm, resulting in the bright orange tinge, yellow laser that is visible. This ray of light is then filtered to remove remaining IR light from the pump diode and the neodymium crystal. Finally the light collimated or focused by an optical lens and emerges as a truly fine and magnificent laser.A premium and sleek laser pointer capable for projecting a dot over 1 mile away! Our green laser pointer is 30 times brighter than our red pointers and is great for indoor or outdoor use. The green laser beam projects at a wavelength of 532nm. Excellent for business meetings, presentations, exhibitions, and educational instruction. Perfect for those presenting in large venues and for pointing at distant objects in a construction or manufacturing setting to save time.

Green Laser Pointer 30mw filters provide sufficient protection from the disabling effects of intentional or incidental laser pointer hits without compromising the wearer’s ability to perform on the job. All NoIR GlareShields™ provide full daylight UV and glare protection along with laser safety. But since the flash-blindness effect of a laser pointer illumination is much more pronounced at night, NoIR offers two GlareShields™ designed for use in low light conditions. GlareShields™ optimize protection from the beam with Optical Densities (ODs) between 1-2.5 (absorbing 90-99.5% of the beam energy), while still allowing visibility of the beam spot (for point source location), all without compromising visual acuity or display panel color recognition

Powerful Laser Pointer

Looking for high energy High power green laser pointers? The 5000mW high power makes this 5000mW 532nm Beam Light Green Laser Pointer Pen Kit capable of a lot of cool things. It generates a laser beam with ultra bright green light points full of energy. 20mW laser pen is powerful enough to be used as an effective astronomy tool. You can use it to direct people's attention to constellations, nebulae and other distant objects in space with incredible accuracy.

The OPT Green Laser is new and improved, with a higher output and better quality level than our prior laser. Our astronomy green laser is guaranteed to be at least 4mW, which is a guarantee you will not find on most comparable priced green lasers. The price and performance of the OPT green laser is among the best on the market.

This 300mw green laser is a continuous output diode-pumped green laser. It can be used for pointing to an array of desired targets, such as stars (makes a great finder!) and images on projection screens or video monitors. Our green laser pointer travels as far as 10,000 feet in darkness! A 532nm green laser is 30 times brighter and much more sensitive to the human eye than a 670nm red laser with comparable power output. Therefore, our Green Laser Pointer will be much easier to see than a red laser.