high power pulsed fiber Green Laser Pointer Pen 30mw are used for laser machines

The most powerful and brightest green laser 100mw , the most powerful handheld blue laser! 2W blue lasers contains the important IR filter, which will protect your eyes, but it's good for you to have a blue laser goggles. You will get the laser goggles for free if you buy this blue laser pointer. Save 39$ ! The 2W blue laser is much larger than common handheld laser pointers.

Most powerful laser pointer: Blue Laser, Green Laser, Red Laser. Top seller for DPSS laser, laser modules and laser diodes. All kinds of other laser products. Best lasers! 5 years warranty. Paypal accepted, get back your money easily if not satisfied. We sell lasers for 10 years.All the lasers are manufacturer directly.10W-100W high power pulsed fiber Green Laser Pointer Pen 30mw are used for laser machines, cutting, engraving.AO AOM Q-Switched pulsed fiber lasers are available in several different power ranges with average powers up to 20 watts and peak powers up to 15 kilowatts.

The 2W blue laser is a Class 4 laser that puts out up to 2000 milliwatts of power. The 2w blue laser beam is strong enough to burn holes, pop balloons, and start fires from across the room. The beam,with 50 miles range, is so bright that it can be seen from outer space! The most powerful and iconic handheld laser in the world is yours with affordable price.

100mw laser pointer

The 20mW Green laser Pointer is second to none when it comes to accurately identifying distance object, with pin point accuracy identifying a needle in a hay stack but be careful you done set the hay on fire. Having a powerful laser pointer with you outdoor is the best thing ever for signaling, guiding and identifying objects of interest and the beauty about the hand held high power laser pointer is that it is not heavier or bigger than a pen and is just as portable as the pen fitting perfectly in your pocket or hand bag. There is not much significant difference between the green or red high power laser pointer pens as the laser light beam of both are visible. However, scientifically it is said that the green laser light beam is more soothing to the eyes and therefore makes it easier to see than the red laser light beam. For this reason planning to use your laser pen mostly during daylight would be best to pack the green instead of the red. The green or red high power laser pointer pen of 20mw to 1000mw with wavelength of 532nm is ideal for astronomy.

Lasers are divided into a number of classes depending upon the power or energy of the beam and the wavelength of the emitted radiation. Laser classification is based on the laser's potential for causing immediate injury to the eye or skin and/or potential for causing fires from direct exposure to the beam or from reflections from diffuse reflective surfaces. Since August 1, 1976, commercially produced lasers have been classified and identified by labels affixed to the laser. In cases where the laser has been fabricated on campus or is otherwise not labeled, Health Physics should be consulted on the appropriate laser classification and labeling. Green laser pointer 300mw are classified using physical parameters of the laser, power, wavelength and exposure duration.