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Our Laser Pointer emits 1mW of power - enough to produce a brilliant visible beam of green light. It's bright enough to be seen on any projector screen or over-head, so it's a handy tool for meetings, boardrooms, presentations, and even the home office. Our green laser pointers are very popular, so get in quick as stocks are limited! Same day shipping from our Australian warehouse.

Our laser is capable of producing a brilliant beam of visible green light as far as the eye can see, and beyond. With an output power of 1mW, this laser pointer is legal to own and operate in Australia. Our high powered green laser pointers provide you with a simple, reliable tool that makes long distance pointing a whole lot easier.

The following High Powered Laser Pointer , were chosen with care to meet our requirements of quality and reliability. Apart from their different design, they are versatile and have similar technical specifications. We believe that they are among the best on the market.

The most common problem associated with laser pointers and the eye is a condition called flash blindness. Flash blindness occurs when the eye becomes dazzled after being exposed to a bright light. Most people have experienced flash blindness after having their picture taken by a camera with a flash. This condition is temporary and most people regain their vision after a minute or so. green laser 5000mw with output powers in the tens to hundreds of milliwatt (mW) range, clearly exceeding the limiting 5 mW of American National Standards Institute class 3a (International Electrotechnical Commission class 3R), are now easily available in the global market.

Green laser pointers are fully legal for laser pointer use in most countries and at just below the maximum allowable legal power limit of 5mw for a pointer in most countries. We ensure that every high power green laser pointer is hand calibrated and tested to output at least 4.99mw and thus offers the expected stunning power expected of a real constant wave green (532nm) laser pointer, much brighter to look at than a regular red laser pointer and always with a visible green beam.

hight power green laser pointers are systems with power levels of 1 to 5 mW that normally would not produce a hazard if viewed for only momentary periods with the unaided eye. They pose severe eye hazards when viewed through optical instruments (e.g., microscopes, binoculars, or other collecting optics). Class IIIa lasers must be labeled. A warning label shall be placed on or near the laser in a conspicuous location and caution users to avoid staring into the beam or directing the beam toward the eye of individuals.

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Today, green lasers reign supreme. They’re far brighter than red lasers, typically operating at 532nm in the Class IIIa range. Under 5mW, these green laser 500mw can be visible for thousands of feet in optimal conditions, which makes them completely viable for shining into the starry sky and more than capable of handling classroom pointing duties. When you move beyond 4mW, these things start to get a little crazy.