Small handheld High power green laser pointers are the best tools

The laser is high power so it runs out of battery quickly

I found the thread on laser pointer 5000mw Forums from when I was building this laser. I had a lot of questions and people were kind enough to help me out with answers along the way. I think this may be very useful for some of the newcomers looking to build their laser. Click here to view the thread in a new window.

This project requires you to have basic soldering skills and hopefully some knowledge of electronics. I would give this project an advanced rating based on these things, however I believe anyone can do it.
Now that you have read the warning and hopefully understand the dangers of high powered laser we can continue.

In this blog I will teach you step by step how to build your very own burning laser. Unlike other popular ways of building your own burning laser I will show you how to do it properly to ensure a long and healthy life for your new Laser Pointer .

Lasers 10000mw

The blue laser is a wonderful addition to my tools.

I compare the red and blue lasers’ effect on the acupoint. As an example, in the ear I palpate with a probe and find out which laser color relieves the press pain of a probe tip.

Thanks for the green laser 500mw . It has already proven more effective when needed. Just like positive or negative electric stimulation (microcurrent) on a specific point can also be used, the laser colors give more options

This is not a toy. This laser beam will cut through tape, even light matches within short distance (please make sure the battery is power full when you test it ).Avoid direct eye exposure to laser beam.
Friendly reminder:

1. The visible violet light has a wavelength of 405 nm which is much shorter than green which has a wavelength of about 532 nm or red 650 nm. So the violet laser is not as bright as green ones.

2. The laser is high power so it runs out of battery quickly.And please don't keep the laser on continuously for more than 20 secconds or it will get burnt from inside easily.

Small handheld High power green laser pointers are the best tools for pointing out objects of interest. However, choosing the right color laser pen is important. Common red lasers for sale are not very powerful and can be hard to see depending on the light. This is why they are not used in astronomy or presentations on lit screens. 5mw 405mm Blue-violet laser pointers are some of the most powerful and easiest laser lights to see. The high powered 405 nm blue-violet laser pointers use DPSS frequency-doubler technology from 1 watt 808 nm GaAlAs infrared diode lasers.