There are two main risks from Red Laser Pen Pointer

The red laser pointers are made using a laser diod

Violet Laser are silent, they are compact and easily concealed in a hand or pocket, they require only a button push to activate, and they can have effects over long distances, with effects being:

irreversible eye damage at distances of several metres (tens of feet) or more
temporary blinding by ‘dazzle’ or ‘glare’ at night (or dusk) at distances of km or miles
skin burns at short distances or with longer exposures at long distances
set fire to materials (accidental house fires?) at shorter distances

There are two main risks from Red Laser Pen Pointer

People may not be aware of the potential harm these devices can cause and inadvertently shine them in their own eyes or other people’s eyes.
People maliciously (or ignorantly) shine them at vehicles such as aircraft and dazzle the pilot. Even when shone from several hundred meters away high-power laser pointers can dazzle and cause temporary flash blindness. Distracting or dazzling a pilot in this way for instance, is a serious aviation safety risk, particularly during critical phases of flight such as during critical phases of flight such as during take-off and/or landing. Car drivers, cyclists, and ship crews are also at risk if dazzled by high-power laser pointers.

Laser Pointer Green

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532 nm green laser pointers are made using DPSS technology. Our standard range is available with powers of 1 mW ~ 130 mW. These green laser pointers have a long beam range, high brightness, high beam quality and a low price.

The red laser pointers are made using a laser diode at either 635 nm or 650 nm and have an output power of 1 mW ~ 40 mW. They are available with a choice of two designs, either as just a laser pointer or as a multifunction instrument combining three functions: ball pen, laser pointer and ferule. Red laser pointers are also very low cost. They are pen size and yet powerful enough for business presentations in a large auditorium.

The misuse of Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer (sometimes referred to as laser pens) reported in the press has generated public concern over the safety of these devices.

The following provides basic information on the properties of laser radiation, the different laser classes and summarises Public Health England’s (PHE) position on the issue of the safety of laser pointers.