These laser pointer 100mw has such high power

This is a professional green laser pointer

Shipping was under 15 days, even problems with the stock. The batteries are the same as what fits some of the new E-Vaporizer cigs.and are easily replaced. Would like an instruction booklet or pamphlet. All in all so cool! Laser big!

This 30mW Green Laser pen contain a very strong lase

Notable features include: real 800mw to 200mw laser pointer, shock resistant, passive thermal cooling and advanced pump and mount the drive.

After the laser for more than a week, I found it to be pretty good outer coating and machine work is very good. It has a "Fixed Focus", the 5 special tips are really great, even better in a foggy night. Temperature affects the laser a lot, need to be kept cold nights and kept hot to work, it will get cold in a coat pocket and go dim .Laser is very bright, will burn a hole in black garbage bags, and will black pop balloons.

A model of a 20mW Green laser Pointer Pen RedClassic described in red region of the TorLaser. Very, power good times or suitable for indoor use (presentation, class, ...). Discreet light, ideal to carry in a shirt pocket with a pen.

The most powerful red laser pointer RedMagic TorLaser in the red zone. It offers impressive power of the laser 650㎚ portable red ~. Is 300mW, highlighting its tremendous power that can burn a complete visual representation for outdoor use and experiment with different concentrations of the heat can burn different kinds of great distances and materials. One way to achieve more than a small balloon burst

10000mW Green Laser Pointer

Green Laser Pointer

These laser pointer 100mw has such high power that it can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Avoid eye contact. The high wattage this 2000mw blue laser pointer for professional use only.

This is a professional green laser pointer

This is a professional green laser pointer with high quality materials and a robust construction.

We can not chase laser spots around on the carpet obsessively trying to eat them, but we also love lasers. And thanks to the power of science, expensive red laser pointers are exceeded by more powerful beams of light in the past decade. Buying a laser pointer was once an easy decision, but it requires a bit more research. What is better: a green laser or a laser pointer 300mw ? How about a yellow laser? His red lasers even a second look in 2010 worth?