30mW Green Laser pen easy to carry

20mW Green laser Pointer Pen are the same power

30mW Green Laser pen easy to carry, and psychological within more than 50 meters of minors encountered some of LCV range, has been widely welcomed by the students fresh adventure. Laser Pointer normal use is generally divided into four, 2 or less (0.4-1 mW), as long as exposure time is not long, the eyes and the skin of the human body usually does not cause any damage, but then 3-5 mW laser pointer Power is large, it can cause injury. In the cause of this, because of the lack of regulation, sell 100MW laser pointer around the campus some strength 100-300 milliwatts, can instantly ignite matches, firecrackers and paper, or even fire. In combination with the students do not have the necessary self-protection awareness, during the game, the exposure time is longer, the retina of the eye, the surface energy of the skin damage, causing permanent damage to the retina and vision loss.

20mW Green laser Pointer Pen are the same power

Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer

A laser pointer 100mw testing your ability to do the best to shine on your lips with the laser pointer. The more power the laser has the faster you burn it feels. However, you do this with a really heavy laser pen then it will all light up within one second. This is definitely not a good feeling so this type of testing is especially suitable for laser pens to 500mw. Some laser pointers (especially green) the power is completely disappeared after a while and rest only a small dot. This is called in the laser world a 'dimming laser light. The laser pointer is too hot and is thus broken. Actually, something like a car overheat and not start up.

Tail button design for the stage performers choose
High quality green laser pointer, darkness visible beam
High radiation intensity, the color is good, the coherence is good, strong direction.

Red Laser Pen

Mining field / construction workers - Remote accurate indication / measurement architecture. Avoid approaching the danger zone. Let you kilometers away like a field commander. My father is an architectural treasure of the head, I think he is! Safe! Shanxi coal mine recently, it does not leak? There are a few workers on the side, I saw the news today, especially the fire, he said, in the past 72 hours out of the water! The man Chengshayang enjoy ah? I hope that they and their families soon, it is irresponsible to let people in a prison! I told him to death! From then on it! I think at home I do not burn coal, turn wood fire!
You can change the focus ring laser pointer 300mw spot size

This is a very powerful laser pointer high power, our winner of the high voltage. Extremely 5000mW power, you can easily ignite a cigarette, even burn CD in seconds. Waterproof and dustproof, aircraft aluminum finish handles of high quality, very robust housing, high - tech cooling device longevity to 8000h. Adjustable Focus, you can change the focus ring laser pointer

high quality laser 2000mw 532nm green laser pointer pen 303 new fires zoomable matchs black green laser pointer