the 5000mw laser pointer has become business

Laser Pen Shops can be used to detect the authenticity of the renminbi

With the rapid progress of the times, the 5000mw laser pointer has become business people, teachers and other choice, especially in laser pointer laser pointer is to make them get rid of the shackles of the podium, while no longer operate the computer while to explain, by the action limits, with the full realization of free speech laser pointer dreams, whether they are teachers or business people have to buy them a laser pointer, but tend to have a lot of knowledge about the laser pointer is easy to get confused, put the following several knowledge laser pointer In summary the difference between listed.

Laser Pen Shops can be used to detect the authenticity of the renminbi, the local irradiation watermark will be displayed. Point matches 100mw is enough. For other uses, even if you know, you could not use, such as blue-violet light to stimulate research on the chemical reaction and the like was observed excitation.

Laser Pointer is collectively very many, it can be divided according to the color green, red, blue, violet light, now on these four colors, green is the most widely used one color laser pointer. Press the power 5mw small to achieve 5000mw and divided by function laser flashlight with adjustable focus can light matches the cigarette lighter.
After figuring out these, again directly answer your question. As I understand it, more suitable for outdoor use green, red more used as a pointer, in addition to the color is not the same as there is no real difference, now said it was made in the development of white light, the kind of transparent light, do not know it is true or false , but look forward to yo

Although both are High power green laser pointers , but the difference is still there:

Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer
1, under the same power conditions, different brightness of two colors laser pointer. That is eyes look green to be more brighter.
2, under the same power, the red are cheaper.
3, the same power, the green range to choose more. About 3 km.
As good and bad, depending on where you are to use. Generally flip pen, red mostly because of cheap. And laser pointer, green majority.

In general, the longer the wavelength of the laser, its focus limit will be greater. 3. The thermal effects and penetrating: laser destruction, primarily energy density. Therefore, less penetrating laser energy density can be in a better performance. , However, there is no absolute relation between the laser pointer 500mw wavelength and penetrating, such as air, in the visible wavelength range that the stronger the longer penetrate. But in the long-wave infrared stage, it has a significant thermal effect, so it becomes very weak penetration. Glass is also true, CO2 laser can engrave glass, but 532 laser can not. So, for this area, we should understand the impact properties of the object penetration of various wavelengths. 4. Absorption: This is important objects of different colors have a very significant difference to the absorptive capacity of various wavelengths of laser light. Absorb the worst of the same color, and white pretty; and the absorption of the most obvious anti-color, and black quite. For example, it is easy to spot green laser with red match, but more strenuous match point green