How to Use 500mw green laser Safely

Visible laser pointers operating with 1-5 mW power are Class 3a

5000mw green laser are misused when they are directed at people or treated as toys. The light energy from a laser pointer aimed into the eye can be more damaging than staring directly into the sun. And the startling effect of a bright beam of light can cause serious accidents when aimed at a driver in a car, a pilot in a plane, or even a person holding a cup of hot coffee. According to the Laser Institute of America, one woman reported how other mothers she knew bought laser pointers for their children so they could imitate Star Wars characters Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

"Laser Pointer have become consumer novelty products and promoted as toys," says Jerome Dennis, a consumer safety officer for the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). "They're hazardous as toys and shouldn't be used frivolously."

Visible laser pointers operating with 1-5 mW power are Class 3a and can be hazardous if viewed even for a very short time. Users should never look directly into the beam of Class 3a laser pointers, which are required by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations to be marked "DANGER." (Class 2 lasers are labeled "CAUTION.") Possible hazards include startle effects, flash-blindness, glare, and after-images if a person is struck directly in the eye. Numerous cases of such incidents have been reported, along with cases where individuals overreacted to being flashed. Reports of those exposed include a pilot, bus drivers, sports figures, a teacher, and police (e.g., see the Rockwell Laser Industries articles.

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How to Use 500mw green laser Safely

Laser Pointer
Safety with high powered laser pointers is a critical issue that cannot be overlooked. Despite their brilliant beams and ability to burn, high power laser pointers and portable lasers are only a danger to your eyes. The danger that laser pointers represent to your eyes though is very serious. The visual receptors in your eyes are part of your

Laser Pointer Colors
The first laser pointers were only available in the color red. But as technology improved and manufacturers were able to safely recreate noveleros other wavelengths in laser pointers, more colors became available. Each different colored laser pointer is most appropriate for different uses.