ultra bright Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer up to 2000mW

With classic lotus-shaped head design, the 1500mW 532nm Green Beam Light Separate Crystal Lotus-shaped Head Laser Pointer shows its great power in a variety of tasks. The 1500mW high power laser pointer generates a super bright green beam light full of energy that can be used to light a cigarette, cut the paper even plastic into pieces, shoot the bird, and more. Moreover, advanced separate crystal design makes it more stable and durable during long hours of continuous running. High-grade aluminum alloy casing is perfect even in the harshest environment. Don't hesitate to get one now!

The 2000mW 532nm Green Beam Single-point Aluminum Laser Pointer Pen Kit with Battery & Charger presents a combination of advanced optic technology and extraordinary craftsmanship, definitely your ideal choice! It generates an ultra bright Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer up to 2000mW. You can even use it to light a match or cigarette. Besides, it is also a fun and useful product that works in a variety of areas, such as sky pointing, illumination, indicating, alignment, and more. Its compact, lightweight size is easy to carry.

When green laser pointers first hit the market in the 1990s, they would set you back about $400. These days, they go for as low as $7.75 on Amazon. The average pointer makes its bright beam of light in three steps, each of which was a highlight in laser development when it first came out. “It’s like a little lesson on quantum physics all in itself,” Clark said.

Lasers are commonly available for use as pointers for teaching and lecturing purposes and are recommended as a low power, safer substitute for high power laser beam alignment.

laser pen 5000mw

5000mw green laser with a range of radiant power outputs are available which usually fall into Class 1, Class 2 or Class 2M. Class 1 laser pointers are normally safe. Class 2 and 2M pointers are not hazardous under usual conditions of use however they can cause harm to the eyes particularly if the beam is stared into or observed through optical instruments which magnifying and or focus. Normally the eye’s blink reflex affords protection to short duration accidental exposure to Class 2 and 2M lasers.

500mw green laser are not toys! This lesson was brought home to a small school district in Wisconsin in the fall of 1996. A 16-year-old girl was illuminated in the eye from the beams of laser pointers used as pranks. She experienced two momentary exposures, one while performing a pom pom routine and again while walking down a hallway. She tumblr reported the incidents to her parents, adding that after the first exposure, everything looked green; after the second, she could temporarily not see out of her right eye.