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While 30mW Green Laser Pointer are useful and fun, they are all too often misused. This website has details about why you should never aim laser pointers at aircraft, as well as news, the latest statistics on aircraft incidents, a FAQ, a video from the FAA and Air Force, how to report incidents, laser safety glasses for pilots, and much more information. Check the menu at left for a complete list of our pages. For the latest updates to the site, see our What’s new page.

A December 2011 news story described how a home care nurse used 20mW Green laser purchased at Office Depot to enable patients to communicate. The pointers are attached to eyeglass frames or a cap. They allow patients with limited mobility to point out letters and words on a communication board.

100mw laser pointer strongly recommend that you continue to study how they work, and some do. You can blind, if you do not exercise safety! Do not look at your laser beam! Do not shine this laser in any vehicle moving! Do not use it with your pet to play with! And most importantly, do not look you in the laser beam! I can not restrain their actions to anyone. This information has been posted here educational resources. If you go blind will not be my fault, because the risk I have warned you. This is a high-power laser device. This is not a toy.

A simple laser pointercan help you see the tiny bugs that crawl around in liquid all the time. Will this make you appreciate the simple ways to see the richness of life? Or will you bleach everything you come in contact with? Try it and see!

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A laser doesn't have to be powerful to do impressive things. A simple laser, like the ones used to torment your cat, can be your gateway to the microscopic world. All you need is a few drops of filthy water, a way to suspend the drops, and the ability to shut the cat out of the room so it doesn't mess up the experiment.

The study below relates to low-cost laser pointer work presented to the North West Photonics Association AORD seminar on 15th June 2010, and provides useful background information on laser classification and issues. If you are looking for further green laser 300mw safety information on a 1W blue laser pointer labelled by the press as a ‘ lightsabre’ as it resembles some childrens toys based on the Star Wars film, then we have posted some calculations here. You can also find information about assessing possible comunidades distraction hazards here.