5000mw green laser Pointer 300 mW

5000mw green laser Pointer 300 mW will be a nice gift for everyone - child or adult. And it's not just entertainment: it can help in some situations.
It is characterized by excellent visibility of the beam, as the green light is best perceived by the human eye. Its beam can be seen in the evening and at night.
Thanks to the green laser disappears danger that you get lost in the woods. The mist also shows great.

High technology denser part of our lives. Modern man can not imagine myself without a variety of devices. One of such innovative devices - a Laser Pointer , which buy in Kazan you can through our online store at the best prices in town!

Green laser pointer
Modern Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer - this is not the simplest devices, which were sold in souvenir kiosks dozen years ago. This is - really powerful mini-setup that generates the laser light is the real, not just light, painted in one of the bright colors. The power and range of our pointers so high that they need to be used with caution - not to hurt yourself or others.

The laser pointer is an inexpensive portable laser, it is similar in appearance and size of a normal pen. It is better than the old equipment to help indicate the title, since only the laser pointer can be used within a few hundred meters away, a bright spot of light produced very good tagged human glazu.Ochen clear bright green beam in the dark seen in a few kilometers, you can point directly to the stars. Even point during the day from the beam is visible in large lasereshop.com laser beam is excellent, especially the deeply impressive to see in the evening, night and / or haze (fog).

Green laser pointer is different from the usual red, not just green. The red laser is able to create only a point on the subject, which in some cases may not be noticed. A 500mw green laser projecting a powerful beam, which will be visible to everyone at a distance of 20 kilometers!

Green laser pointer  Adjustable focus

This device is a high-quality generator of electromagnetic waves, which are well distinguish the human eye. Particularly impressive looks bright green beam in fog and against the dark sky.

Beam power of 200 mW can be light at a distance of 7 km! This pointer can be used in a variety of activities, both in the construction, to point to distant objects, lectures and excursions, the pointer can be used to signal lost in the woods! Green Laser Pointer "Military Laser Pointer 200 mW" easy to use, food with 2x AA batteries (penlight). The body of a laser pointer is made of high-strength aluminum component with the image of the figure in military style that is not afraid cloudsfm of falling and strokes.