need to select the 100mw laser pointer

How to choose their own laser pointer?

30mW Green Laser Pointer , general instructions for the venue, multimedia instruction, site command, storage command, outdoor signal indication, astronomers refer to stars and other purposes.
How to choose their own power level laser pointer is the first step.
a: educational use 20mW Green laser : select power 5-10mw red laser pointer can be. For white screen projectors. If the LCD screen, use 30-50mw green laser pointer.
b: refers to the star pen, select more than 30mw-100mw green laser pointer to night can clearly see the beam direction can accurately locate the stars.
c: nighttime outdoor signal indicator, need to select the 100mw laser pointer , or a blue laser. If you choose green laser power requires more than 50mw, 50mw, 100mw, 300mw can be. The greater the power, the clearer the night brightness beam range farther. It can be effectively used for signal contact between teammates or even help.
d: warehouse, site instructions, select 50-100mw power green laser to the general pattern for the laser flashlight. During the day there are 30-50 meters of the spot clearly visible range. If you are indoors, visible point of 50-100 meters.
e: other areas. If used in self-defense, you need high-power green or blue light flashlight. Beam has a dazzling effect, close with a burning nature, may play a self-defense effect.

According green laser 300mw flashlight out in the car on their own risk?
Reflective glass have to be careful not to brachytherapy eye, if it is more powerful to be careful out some irradiated, not illuminated pedestrians and vehicles, to avoid panic or mislead others.


How to keep the laser pointer.

Should remove the battery, the laser pointer in a dry, place the child not to be found.
Usually remember to remove the battery before use, not free will-power laser pointer in your pocket, so as not to open by mistake, to self-inflicted injury.
How to choose the real laser pointer.
Currently laser pointer to fish industry, a lot of false virtual standard power laser pointer.
Often written power 50000mw, actually may be less than 50mw. Cause some novice often be deceived.
More understanding, to choose their own purpose and intended function of laser pointer.