green laser 300mw use a shorter wavelength

Color Differences
The wavelength of light produced by any 30mW Green Laser Pointer is what determines the visible color we see with the naked eye. But what color is best? Which color is brightest? As a rule it is important to note that 532nm green lasers are 7X to 10X brighter than any other beam color at the same output power. This means that a 200mW green laser will be roughly 7 times brighter than a 200mW of any other color. ecent news from NIST that 90% of the green laser pointers out there don't meet US federal regulations , I must admit I've always wanted to have one. And not just because my red 20mW Green laser is a bit weak when it comes to illuminating presentation slides, but because green is a great color, very bright, state-of-the-art, and oh so great at making my dogs dance around trying to catch the beam!
Doing a presentation on the fly and don’t have a 100mw laser pointer with you? With Office 365, you can turn your mouse pointer into a laser pointer whether you’re presenting from a PC, Mac, iPad or phone.

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Set your presentation to Slideshow View and then right click. Select Pointer Options and then Laser Pointer – and you’re off! No more annoying mouse pointer obscuring your slides.
If you want to alternate between the regular mouse cursor and the laser pointer, stay in presentation mode, then hold down CTRL and left-click at the same time.

green laser 300mw use a shorter wavelength of light than red ones, making them brighter and more dangerous. The darker part of the retina heats up from the green laser’s intense, yet invisible, infrared light, which can cause retinal scarring and even blind spots. Because the damaging wavelengths are invisible, the eye’s natural defense mechanism—its eyelid—doesn’t close to provide protection.
Airline pilots are well aware of these dangers: in 2011 alone there were more than 3,500 cases of lasers being pointed at aircraft. In July 2012 one unfortunate JetBlue pilot suffered an eye injury when someone on the ground shined a green laser through his cockpit window. Luckily, the flight landed safely. Unluckily, it didn’t land on the person pointing the laser.

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Laser pointers do not point at things, they point on things. In fact, the term "laser pointer" is a misnomer. It is just a laser point. It does not produce a pointer, such as an arrow or a pointing hand. To highlight a feature with the laser you must overlap it with your extremely bright laser point, completely obscuring the feature as well as readjusting your eye's dynamic range to make the actual features on the slide harder to see. Laser pointer companies pride themselves in outdoing each other with brightness, and audiences are impressed by green laser pointers, the most distracting of all. This is missing the ... "point". When attempting to highlight punctate features the problem finds its ultimate aggravation (and don't get me started when laser pointing on color-merged puncta. Save our souls!). available When a laser pointer is activated, its dot is invariably the brightest thing for your eye to look at. In summary, if you use a laser pointer, we in the audience see the laser dot. Not the thing you want us to see.