Green laser 200mw Specifications

500mw green laser are designed for long life - up to 50 000 hours. Although, of course, cheap Chinese pointer very quickly fail. If you bought a laser miracle for a penny, do not expect that will be able to use it for a long time. Children single pointer in the form of trinkets and lanterns can be used in school and to play with the cat.It should include a pointer and start randomly ray drive on the walls and the floor, as in your kote also included some extra battery. I, at least, did not know that cats are able to run on the walls until it has acquired such a toy to Maroussi. Cat runs and losing weight, great!

What comes to mind at the mention of a laser pointer? "Shooting" the aircraft, fun for the cat? But the pointer can serve not only as a dangerous toy, but also an indispensable tool. What 5000mw green laser is best to choose and what they might be useful? Read more!
Ten years ago, in every stall sold here are pointers:

They were used, of course, as a toy - to shine, light the neighbor in the eye ... I do not remember anyone from the "adult" really enjoyed this (although in each package was depicted person at the whiteboard with a pointer)

But today 20000mw Blue laser is useful - lectures, presentations, performances ... The typical picture I often observe in the university - lecturer crucified in front of the blackboard, constantly running to the keyboard to switch the slide. And it is inconvenient, and listeners astray

Lasers 200mw

★★★ 200mw Waterproof laser pointer features:

1. The torch-shaped design, lightweight and elegant, look tough!
2. Metal aviation aluminum, plus non-slip surface.
3.200mw green laser beam clearly at night.
4.The power moderate all ages, refers star weapon.
5. The same power best price, the most cost-effective, value for money.
6. Powerful function, point matches only.

Packing information:

1x 532nm green laser flashlight , waterproof flashlight laser 200mW
1x Instructions
1x velvet box
1x outer sleeve velvet box packaging

★★★ Green laser 200mw Specifications:

Model: KGL-118
Material: blogolink Copper
Color: green laser pointer
Exterior Finish: aluminum surface plating
Switch mode: tail cap switch Constant
Battery: 1 * 18650
Wavelength: 532nm
Power: 200mW
Range: 500-10000 (the higher the power, the greater the range)
Operating voltage: DC3V
Optimum operating temperature: 0-35 degrees
Size: 13mm * 147mm
Weight: 120g (without batteries)
Fixed focus, point-like spot continuous output.



Laser Pointer Pen 200mw

Laser Pointer


★★★ Laser Pointer pen Application examples:

● CVan be used in the darkness of night lighting and emergency rescue signal
Hino light, smoke, fog is very effective rescue signal. As in wilderness survival, with a laser pointer de ignite dry grass, leaves, and dry bushes, issued a distress signal.
● Warm body
At low temperatures, or using a laser pointer burn dry leaves warm the body in case of rain.
● Cigarette lighter
Laser Blue 30000mw can be lighter.
● Outdoor lighting
laser pen flashlight brighter than ordinary LED flashlight.

★★★ Violet laser pointer pen use:

◆You must properly distinguish the battery positive and negative, tap the tail switch lock green laser will light up.
◆This product is waterproof, before you dive, please check all parts are tightened.
◆We recommend 3V lithium batteries stability.
◆If the lens is dirty, remove and clean the tweezers with water!

laser pen 200mw