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These high quality green laser 100mw incorporates the latest technology in green laser optics and microelectronise. Use your laser pointer to point at any desired targets, project screens, or video monitors, presentations museum and tour guides, point at the stars, and inspection.100 mW Laser Pointers is in rang of the powerful laser pointers. The green light is generated in an indirect process, beginning with a high power laser (typically from 100 mW–300 mW). So you can find Waterproof laser pointer Green as 100 mw laser pointers with green laser in different styles in a great purchase. Very clear during the day!Works well. Green spot can be seen on buildings in daylight. The beam can be dimly seen in the air in daylight if looking straight down the beam (away from the source of course!). Beam quite visible at night.

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The Nano is an ultra-compact laser that can produce up to 100mW of power, enabling you to point with precision from across a football field if need be. It comes with a digital microprocessor that allows you to instantly switch operating modes.

Our green laser 500mw are for professionals, are not toys. These devices are not suitable to give to children or irresponsible persons. Do not aim the laser at people, animals or vehicles running. The glow of the beam can cause vision damage. The laser light bounces off glass and reflective surfaces. Extreme caution is recommended during use. For all power lasers over 5mW are needed goggles suitable for wavelength. Laser modification or misuse can result in a risk of injury and permanent eye damage. Red Laser Modules 250mW are generally used for astronomy, education, research, construction and other areas where they act as precise indicators. The buyer will be responsible for all damages caused by improper use or improper. Only an operator experienced with the proper training you have received training to an appropriate level should be allowed to exercise control over these systems.

Tired of that dinky little 5MW laser? Turn the power up and convert your 5MW laser into a 100MW laser? A small permlink amount of modification can produce a significantly stronger light coming out of your laser. You will need a small screwdriver (such as a jeweler's screwdriver), needle nose pliers, a soldering iron and some bonding glue to do this properly. This video tutorial will show you exactly how to turn your 5MW laser into a 100MW laser..