laser pointer 200mw can be strong enough to anyone

There are many things you can do, it would be interesting to use a Violet Laser Pointer 30 mw . As the old adage "safety first!" Because no one will be hurt, but it will not stop you. You show your creative laser pointer laser pointer, human or animal, do not, especially when it comes to about 5 milliwatts (mW). Reducing the exposure of the eye can damage the eyes (for example, as "Snowball", created by a camera flash) for 30 minutes. Resulting in powerful laser pointers can harm the eyes permanently blind or animals within a few seconds. Do not try to burn things or fire a laser. Fire put out is more difficult than starting. Do not point a laser at aircraft. laser pointer 200mw can be strong enough to anyone, even at great distances blind.

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100mw laser pointer should have GS mark (safety test). Only 1 mW laser power is considered to be the maximum safe eye. More Laser Pointer does not belong in the hands of children and adolescents. First, it is important to avoid laser damage to the eyes, it is recommended Professor Helbig. "However, if the vision after laser eye exposure exception, should immediately consult an ophthalmologist. He can try to deal with high doses of cortisone to maintain long-lasting damage as small as possible."

To produce high range of up to 3,000 meters, it is equipped with an accessory more fun. The elegant all-copper design and high conversion circuit, 8000H longest life. Because pin design, 200mW of power is very rare, the price is very cost-effective. If you are looking for a super-bright green laser with high performance, now you can get it!
Very powerful laser pointer 50mW yellow, up to 10 kilometers seemed in the dark. With the laser pointer 300mw , including security suitcase luxury not always used when. Professional Green Laser Pointer 5000MW.

Design, reduce the heat. Soft rubber tail button switch, comfortable and beautiful, is likely to grow brighter. Flashlight for human non-slip handle design, more beautiful! After the public as flashlight batteries plus 0.17 kg of weight! Comfortable and easy to wear! Use the flash when the temperature is not higher than 35 degrees, the temperature is too high, then you can reduce the use of heat and temperature does not exceed stop. In summer it is best not more than 30 seconds of continuous light, laser pointer 200mW to prevent damage from overheating, because it is not LED flashlight! Also note that excessive discharge of the battery, overcharge!
Laser Pointer 200mW technology can create new 532nm laser diode. This high power green laser pointer projecting the brightest 532nm green beam and beautiful spot, so you. Full control of the brightest green laser beam and the spot 5,000 meters in width from this FDA approved laser 532nm green, the strongest beam in scientific research, industrial, military and medical