Some green lasers operate in pulse

Some green lasers operate in pulse or quasi-continuous mode down to reduce the cooling problems and prolong battery life.
Need not be announced doubling High power green laser pointers. The human eye is sensitive to green than red, high school physics is said that as long as there are six photons into the pupil, the human eye can feel. According to the sky with the same power of red and green laser pointer, the green beam of light red obvious than lot. Green laser pointer is now the world's most popular laser pointer because green than red light six times, significantly higher than the red light beam, while the price is cheaper than a lot of blue and yellow. Users generally use green laser pointer pen.

200mw  laser pointer
The wavelength of light emitted from the green laser pointers are 532nm, the laser type is Class IIIA, uses two AAA batteries. Brightness green laser pointer is more objective, so the eye is relatively high risk, the higher the power, the more dangerous. Generally, 5mw is commonly used in the US market allows 5mw laser pointer over 5mw in need through a special approval. There is no strict restrictions in the country, which we are asked to pay special attention to user safety, not in front of the eye or other vulnerable area, but also to prevent the laser through reflection into the eyes. Generally green with adjustable focal length will double protection switch.

Even at night, low-power green Rayleigh scattering due to atmospheric molecules can also see that this laser pointer is often used for astronomy lovers pointing stars and constellations. Green laser pointer can have a variety of output power. 5mW to use the safest and can also be found in dark lighting, so no need for the guidance of the purpose of a stronger power.
Many fields of green laser pointer

Pen Laser Pointer can also be used for amateur astronomers: Green laser pointer beam moonless night, often can be clearly seen, it can pinpoint individual stars near to others. In addition, these conventional green laser pointer astronomy lectures by the astronomers. Astronomy laser pointer is also used to a particular star or position in order for the telescope to install the lens. Laser collimator is than by using an eyepiece aligned easily.
Guide: When faced with "tentacles difficult and" goal and helpless, it can easily and accurately target is indicated.
Outdoor travelers, explorers: For outdoor adventure, indicating distant targets and issued a distress signal to travel more secure.
Construction sites, mining field: for remotely accurate indication of the building, to avoid approaching the danger zone, so kilometers outside conductor like a field command.
Fire fighting, disaster relief, help, earthquake. Many emergency life-saving help when the pen.
Entertainment. : At the bar, KTV, and party use, you can add a good entertainment atmosphere.
Industry: in industry can use laser pointer. For example, construction companies may use high-quality laser pointer, to improve the accuracy of a specific distance from the display while working on large projects.
Research: You can also use in research areas such as photonics, chemistry, physics, medicine and other fields.